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The Midlife Crisis Trio: three voices, three instruments, lots of great music. 

But who are they?  Well, let's start with the picture above: The Midlife Crisis Trio is from left to right: Gary Catalano on bass, Al O'Leary on drums and Ron Terranova on guitar.  Of course, all three sing lead and the group is known for its tight music and incredible three part vocal harmonies.  Most people can't believe that it's just three guys playing and singing because it sounds like so much more!

Gary Catalano, bass and vocals, hails from Staten Island, NYC, where his passion for music, singing and performance blossomed at a young age prompted in no short measure by the arrival of The Beatles in America.  Along with his masterful bass playing and incredible singing voice, Gary is a master at developing harmonies for MLC3.  A self taught musician, he plays bass, guitar and drums like his hero, Paul McCartney.  But it's Gary's ear for melody and harmony that makes him the man in demand.  As bass player for the world famous Vito and Elegants of "Little Star" fame, Gary has played venues ranging from Radio City Music Hall and Westbury Music Fair to local pubs, bars and catering halls.  Now he's MLC3's front man and the life of the party!  He enjoys nothing more than playing for people who love music and a good time.

Ron Terranova, guitar and vocals, Ron has been around music all of his life.  He comes from a jazz family and started playing guitar and singing as a young teenager.  Officially, Ron is the only truly formerly trained musician in the Midlife Crisis Trio.  He studied jazz guitar under Joe Monk and Stan Solow.  In fact, he holds a Master Degree in Music from Queens College.  Gary and Al, who learned to play by emulating The Beatles and great groups of the 60’s, are always confused when Ron starts writing little dots with flags on them on some funny lined paper to keep track of his singing parts. But those dots mean something to Ron and help key in to his critical singing parts in the Crisis’ tight three-part harmonies.  But don’t let that formal training and jazz background fool you.  Underneath that cool jazz demeanor lies the heart of a rocker who was influenced by some of the greats like Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Richie Blackmore, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page to name a few.  He did the high school/college band thing and has also played the circuit from the great hotels of New York to Long Island’s Glen Island Casino and Sonny’s Place.  Ron joined the group in May 2014 and is a very welcomed addition to the band. 

Al O'Leary, drums and vocals, originally from Brooklyn, moved to Staten Island NY as a youngster just in time for the explosion of local "garage bands."  Staten Island has been referred to by the NY Daily News as the "Liverpool of America" for its production of musicians during the heday of the British Invasion.  Al became interested in the drums the very first time he heard Martha and the Vandella's sing "Dancing in the Streets."   Of course, The Beatles and Ringo sealed the deal for Al and got him hooked on the big back beat forever.  He has sung it all from rock to Sinatra to country and loves to be part of a good three part vocal harmony.  Al played with lots of bands starting in 1966 in high school and did the bar circuit in his teens.  His musical career and playing styles widened when he joined a popular New York wedding band called The Gaslight Orchestra with whom he played for 20 years.  He has performed all over the New York City/New Jersey area even  playing at the world famous Tavern on the Green in New York's Central Park and famous restaurants like Mamma Leone's.  Al enjoys nothing more than making music with his pals Gary and Ron for people who love music.

We will remain forever grateful for the years of great music and friendship
from former founding member of the Crisis, Gordon Nelson,
 who retired from the band in May 2014.

Gordon Nelson, guitar and vocals, was born in Brooklyn, NY, and now resides in Staten Island also got the music bug early in life.  Like so many other children of the 60's, he formed bands with friends and played at all the mandatory school dances and parties.  He's kept his youthful friendships alive and has spent years playing in bar bands with some of the same guys that he learned music with.  There's nothing like loyalty.  He brought his amazing guitar skills and versitile singing voice to Midlife Crisis in 2003 when it was a quartet and stuck with the Midlife Crisis Trio until his retirement in 2014.  It's good that Gordon has big shoulders because along with his singing duties, he provides all of the ambiance for the group with his guitar and effects.  Gordon is a big guy with big talent filling a big job and we will miss his talent for years to come.

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